Restaurant Concept Development and Consultation

Every restaurant venture needs to have an effective business plan in order to be successful. At Crave Agency, our team of professional restaurant consultants in Dubai can create bespoke business plans for your venture. Right from the conception stage, we work by connecting the goals and objectives of your business with our industry experience. We work by evaluating your competitors, tracking current and historical market trends, and then come up with successful strategies that can be easily implemented.

Good food is not the only criterion that makes a restaurant worth visiting. Great service and courteous staff are important factors that will help to keep your venture up and running. Our concept development and consultation service include location sourcing, recruitment, business planning, performance development, and employee training. In short, we identify practical ways to make your F&B venture stand out from the crowd.

Restaurant Concept Development and Consultation

Our Concept Development and Consultation Service Includes

It is vital to know if your F&B business venture can be a successful one. Our team conducts a thorough feasibility study by taking into consideration factors such as production cost and labor.

The location of your restaurant plays a major role in the success of your business. At Crave Agency, our team will research your target audience and guide you to a location that will generate more business.

The key to the effective execution of a plan lies in the details. Proper planning will enable you to mitigate and reduce some of the initial risks that come with opening a restaurant.

Our team stays updated on the latest food trends and emerging market trend, this enables us to provide you with a unique concept specifically tailored to your target audience.

The market and consumer interests have developed faster than most restaurant businesses. Effective strategic planning can help restaurant owners to close this gap.

A written SOP is a necessity for safe food handling. Our restaurant consultants can create an SOP that covers all aspects of your business, from taking orders to processing payments.

A restaurant’s menu must be appealing enough to make customers want to buy food at your restaurant. Our consultants give the professional touch your menu needs to reflect your core values.

Organizing all your ideas into a checklist can help to ensure that you stay on track and meet your goals. Whether it’s a startup restaurant or a restaurant chain, we’ll be a checklist to take your business forward.

Crave Agency’s operations and restaurant management team can improve your business operations and help it run more efficiently and profitably.

Restaurant audits can be helpful to evaluate whether your business is running profitably and where improvement can be made. From menu evaluation to restaurant design review, we handle it all!

One of the core factors that determine the success of your restaurant is the system that you have in place. Our consultants will help to improve your restaurant system so as to improve profitability and operational support.

As much as good food, customer service also plays a key role in the success of your F&B venture. Our recruitment team will work on your behalf to source talented individuals and equip them with the necessary skills.

Each and every member of your staff has to abide by the core values and SOP put in place at your restaurant. Our veteran business consultants can train your current team and help you them improve on their skills.

Employee evaluation can help you to improve profitability and guest experience. Our consultants can offer guidance and put in place strategies to optimize your business performance.