Business Intelligence and Analysis

In today’s increasingly digital world, successful businesses are marked by their ability to collect and utilize information. This process of thought certainly holds true for restaurant and hospitality businesses. You need to be equipped with the right set of tools to define and manage the strategies that you employ. A lot of useful information is hidden in data that is easily available. At Crave Agency, our Business Intelligence and Analytics team works by leveraging this information to optimize your business performance and improve customer experience. We make sure of digital as well as traditional routes such as mystery shopping and service reports to collect actionable data. Get in touch with our team to know more about how we can improve your restaurant business.

Business Intelligence and Analysis


  • Business intelligence makes use of historical data to provide practical insights about your venture. The information collected can be used to make improvement in various sectors such as budgeting, operation, customer experience, etc.
  • Information that is collected from multiple sources is showcased in easy to understand reports that we provide. Even tech-novices can easily interpret the data collected and determine factors that drive day-to-day activity.
  • BI also helps business owners and management to determine the success of their marketing campaigns and loyalty programs.
  • Arguably the most benefit of incorporating business intelligence and analysis into your everyday business operations is that, you’ll be able to enhance customer experience by creating detailed customer profile such as their interests, itineraries, and preferences.

Our Services Include

In a highly competitive market, where the choices and preferences of consumers are in constant flux it is important to keep track of emerging trends in the F&B landscape. Our market research team can help you explore potential growth opportunities with this data.

We make use of both formal and informal data to create detailed performance reports and thereby help the business attain their goals.

One of the most difficult challenges that most restaurants face is to provide quality service to their customers. Understanding customer requirements and preferences will prove to be useful to overcome this challenge.

From restaurant design to hygiene and customer service – secret shopper reports can be helpful to evaluate the overall customer experience. The data collected is then compared against industry standards and necessary corrections are suggested against this.

As a business owner, it is important to have insights on the functioning of each department in your restaurant. Our team will help you to do by evaluating the KPI’s and the overall performance of your staff.

From guest service to food quality and employee training, our team will analyze your business from top to bottom and provide insights on where corrections need to be made for better performance and results.